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Classic Carpet Cleaning Pet Services

Professional Pet Odor and Stain Cleaning in Austell, Georgia

We welcome you to experience one of the best carpet cleaning services in the Austell area. Does your home have pet odor that has become difficult to remove?

Our team of professionals at Classic Carpet Cleaning have provided residents of Austell, Douglasville, Atlanta, and Alpharetta with the best pet odor treatment in the area for over 25 years! With the fastest and most efficient carpet cleaning solutions, upholstery cleaning and pet stain removal has never been easier. We use the most effective, yet gentle solutions in the industry. When tackling tough pet stains, we use environmental products that are safe for you and your pets.

At Classic Carpet Cleaning we begin each dog or cat urine removal by pre-treating stains. Our pre-treatment is carried through with enzymes that break down all stains and odors in your carpet. As your leading carpet cleaning company we provide you with fast and reliable results. Once our pet odor pre-treatment breaks down any stains or odors, we then begin our thorough pet stain removal. Each of our skilled professionals will suction your carpet and any pet stains or odors with hot steam. We ensure that our thorough process will remove any pet odor from your carpets or upholstery.

You can rest assured that when you choose Classic Carpet Cleaning as your leading pet stain removal company, that we will provide you with fast and efficient results that you seek. Our high-tech pet odor treatment will leave your carpets looking fresh and new! We tell our clients that the drying time varies between three and four hours, and are usually safe to walk on with caution. Perfect for preparing for an upcoming party or get together, our fast solutions are an excellent option for you stubborn pet stains. Speak with an associate today at Classic Carpet Cleaning for the most reliable, and efficient carpet cleaning services. Our friendly associates are proud to provide you with the most efficient pet stain cleaning.

Call now at (404) 369-3706 to learn more about our carpet cleaning company, and affordable solutions. Schedule your appointment right away, so our expert carpet cleaners can provide you with the fast and effective carpet cleaning you deserve.