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Tile and Grout Cleaners

Tile Cleaning and Grout Sealing in Austell, Georgia

Our team of expert associates is proud to offer residents of Austell and neighboring cities with the most exceptional results. When you find yourself in need of tile and grout cleaning, rest assured Classic Carpet Cleaning is who you need. For both commercial and residential owners, we provide outstanding results on your floor cleaning. Remove excess dirt, build up, and caked on grease from your grout with ease.

Our team of experts offer residents with our 25 years of professional experience, we offer an incomparable service throughout the greater Atlanta area. Many clients of seek our tile and grout cleaning because we are friendly, affordable, and thorough. If you know the square footage of your acquired tile cleaning we can provide you with an immediate over the phone estimate of services. If you are unaware of your square footage we can come out to your home or office for same day service! We are available 7 days a week to assist you with your grout cleaning needs. Unlike many of our competitors our daily services are always available when you need us.

Our team at Classic Carpet Cleaning uses the best organic solutions to remove years of buildup and dirt within your grout. We will pressure wash your grout and tile to remove any tough stains and grime, then we vacuum excess water into our tank for easy removal. This entire process can be complete in as little as a hour and a half. With each grout cleaning you can expect a 30 minute dry time once we complete our power washing and water removal. With our grout sealing you can receive fast and affordable grout sealant. This clear solution will prolong the life of your grout, and prevent the buildup of grime and grease for up to 3 years!

Our state of the art equipment allows us to provide you with exceptional results. We use the best ground brushes and spinner dome to remove stains from your grout and tile. We suggest that you receive routine tile cleaning to prevent the accumulation of such painstaking buildup.

Speak with us today and learn more about our 20 years of certified tile and grout cleaning services. Call now at (404) 369-3706, and schedule your grout cleaner to come out today!